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Advantage & Disadvantage of Pre-Buit WordPress Templates

Advantage & Disadvantage of Pre-Buit WordPress Templates

If you want to use WordPress to design your site, you should use a free ready-made template.

You should have the knowledge of design templates too so that you can design a template for yourself with coding .

It’s unique to your website. In fact,  there are many webmasters who are involved in this issue now.

They don’t know what format to use. Ofcourse, there are alot of  differences between the proprietary and ready format, so it has caused confusion. Of course, it’s very important.

If people don’t pay attention to this issue and choose a suitable template for their site without researching and persistence, they’ll  definitely have a problem and may be unable to design a beautiful site for themselves, so users leave the site.

There are alot of differences  between a proprietary and ready-made template. They have advantages and disadvantages.

People must pay attention to these differences before choosing them in order that they don’t have a problem and otherwise they may choose a template that it’s not used at all and it will only cost them.

If you stay with us until the end of this article, we will provide you with complete information about the difference between a proprietary and ready- made template so that you can use this information to choose a good template for your site in the best possible way.

What is a Ready-Made Template?

At first we will check the ready-made template and explain exactly what is it as well as why should they use it?

There are alot of  differences between the proprietary and ready format, so we have to explain them one by one.

In general, persons will be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of ready-made templates in this section.

When we explain the proprietary template to them, they can compare these two things and finally can choose one for themselves and use it.

Different people create ready-made templates, so they can buy them and install the formats on their site.

There are alot of templates on the web now.

People  can buy formats  from mold shops or can install one of them on their site via the WordPress repository.

Of course it depends on their needs.


The WordPress developer team has a repository wordpress theme section. You can access to thousands of free WordPress themes through it.

They have different applications and you can simply use them.

Based on our experience, we realized that these WordPress repository templates are not very beautiful and attractive; therefore, we haven’t used these on different sites at all.

There are many stores that sell ready-made templates.

They can quickly check the desired templates  through these stores and can access to thousands of templates for a specific topic too.

People can finally buy one of these templates for their site at a very reasonable cost.

Advantages of Using a Ready-Made Template

We generally explained the topic of ready-made template in the previous section to get familiar with it.

We are going to provide persons with full information about the benefits of the ready-made template in this section of the article too, so that they learn more about ready-made templates with the use of this information.

Reasonable Price

One of the most important advantages of ready-made mold is cost.

If humans use ready-made templates, they will be able to design a beautiful site at a very reasonable cost.

The price of these templates is very good because there are alot of people who buy this template, so this can have a passive income for the same designer.

Appropriate Support

One of the other cases is template support, which is very important.

If you see a problem in the purchase format, you can notify to support so that they resolve the problem quickly.

This support service is provided by the designer team until a few months after the purchase so that they guide persons in problems solving.

Humans have to pay again after a few months to build a support system. Of course, this cost is reasonable and not much at all.

High Variety

People can install different ready-made templates for their site to access a lot of things and therefore will not have any restrictions.

They offer free thousands of themes through the WordPress repository and sales business; therefore, persons can administer their site by them.

Standard Template

The special team offers ready-made templates, so those molds are specially designed. In fact original templates are very standard.

Original templates have many benefits, including the following:

  1. Building a suitable site
  2. Increase site speed
  3. Improving your site security

Basically, the ready-made molds are standard.

Developers always try to do high quality work.

If you want to buy standard templates, you can visit reputable stores such as Theme Forest because developers  put these templates in it originally.

We’ve told persons the advantages of ready-made templates. They’re very good for them.

Humans should pay attention to their disadvantages in addition to the advantages too.

We will also review their disadvantages in the following article.

Disadvantages of the Ready-Made Templates

If you’re going to buy ready-made templates, you should consider their disadvantages too and then buy a ready-made template.

Non-Exclusive Templates

One of the important differences between proprietary& ready-made templates is their lack of exclusivity.

In fact, subjects can’t have a unique site because the purchased template is available to everyone.

As a result, people can buy it for themselves.

They can’t have a unique site with a ready-made template at all.

Of course, if  WordPress page builders design electronic & visual composer templates, it will be possible.

These plugins can’t help you, if you’re not very dominant in them.

Restrictions for  Changing Templates

If subjects buy the ready-made template, they are limited to changing the template and can’t change all parts of it.

As a result, this may not solve many of their  needs and finally  they’re not happy with the outcome.

We offer persons solutions to solve the problems, including the following :

  1. Make minor changes in the site through the Templates Setting Panel.
  2. Make changes using yellow pencil.

Low Speed

They haven’t coded all templates as standard.

Novice designers have created some of them, so coding sites are not standard and finally  they will reduce site speed.

Point: If you plan to use ready-made templates, it is better to choose templates that people have been constantly updating for several years and have good quality.

Security Holes


If they have not encoded these templates as standard, security holes will be created in these codes surely . They jeopardize the security of the site.

People should pay attention to the issue of security to have a better site.

If you stay with us until the end of this article, we will point out the advantages & disadvantages of a proprietary template.

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