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If you have a store website or a business and you have designed a website, take your website to the next stage of evolution and profitability now.

SEO is a great solution that shows your business among thousands of similar websites and your professional competitors.

You may have heard this sentence many times: "Advertising is not a cost but also an investment." But SEO is different from advertising. SEO is a specialized job that introduces you to your specific audience and customers.

As a result, SEO is essential for you so that you don't fall behind your competitors in attracting your customers and audiences. Apply for a free consultation and comprehensive proposal now so that our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible.


An Exclusive Contract

Coagulation for SEO specialist contract.

Presentation of SEO specialized report

It reports the monthly project progress in full

Complete review of competitors

Providing a complete report on the status of competitors in Google

Failure to do black hat SEO

SEO is done completely in natural ways.


If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact our support or sales team.

There are no guarantees in SEO. If a person or company guarantees your website will be #1 on Google, he is completely unaware of SEO or there is the possibility of fraud.

You just need to ask for free advice on this page so that our colleagues can assess the SEO status of your website by reviewing it thoroughly, getting your desired keyword, and sending you a proposal with time and money. We will send you the draft contract after approval, and as a result, website SEO will start according to the contract.

Yes, the website can become SEO in all languages. The most important concepts of SEO include: adherence to SEO principles in website design as well as content writing and content quality.

Doing SEO requires specialized knowledge, analysis, and implementation of internal and external topics on the website. We can use SEO plugins in order to help with SEO implementation.

We cannot provide a general answer for all SEO projects. The duration of an SEO depends on several things, including the amount of competition considered, the current status of your website, etc. But in general, a project takes at least six to eight months to reach a conclusion.

You should note that the SEO project is a time-consuming and expensive process that all costs will come back in the long run due to the increased sales and brand consolidation. In general, the monthly cost is at least $250,, which depends on various items, including the level of competition and keyword difficulty.

The first step in SEO is to improve your website in terms of SEO content and responsive website design so that when you design a specialized website, you can stay ahead of your competitors with SEO.

If, for this reason, you do your website design project through Rayahost, you'll get a special discount on SEO.

If your website's loading speed is low due to hosting or if the website disconnects from the server and hosting constantly, it will have very negative effects on SEO and the ranking of your website in Google.

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